About Pentakomo Village

Driving along the southern coastline of Cyprus, 10 minutes outside the major city of Limassol you will see a quiet little village atop a wide, picturesque valley – you have found Pentakomo.

Pendakomo, comprised five settlements (pente-five, komi=village) which, at one time merged or disappeared to form the Pentakomo of today. The Pentakomo coastline, from the monastery of Agios Georgios Alamanos to Governor’s Beach, is unspoilt, while the coasts themselves have been subjected to such erosion that curious but interesting features have arisen, such as caves, arches, stacks and islands. 

Today, the area features all necessary amenities and comforts. The area covers about 13 ha of land and, in 1991, an athletics field, a tourist beach and other amenities began operation. A biological waste processing plant was also established. There are 358 camping lots, 111 for caravans and the remaining 247 for tents. Provisions also include parking spaces, public utilities, refreshment stands, a grocery, children’s play areas, garbage disposal units, paved pathways and benches.

On a narrow coastal area, to the west of the village of Mari, stretches a picturesque beach, which recently became known by the name of Governor’s Beach. This rocky and sandy beach, stretching for about one kilometer, has become, particularly after the Turkish invasion of 1974, a popular spot for bathers, campers and summer vacations. 

At a distance of about a kilometer west of Governor’s Beach, the force of the waves has broken the rocks, especially at weak points, and has led to the creation of various geomorphologic features.The church of Panayias Neroforousas and the chapel of Ayios Ioannis are located in the community. The monastery of Agios Georgios Alamanos is located only 2 kilometer from the village Pendakomo. 

A Mediterranean paradise.

The Seasons of Cyprus

One of the benefits of being a Mediterranean island is plentiful sunshine throughout the year and Cyprus is no exception. The climate of Cyprus never fails to delight her visitors, and every season has a charm and beauty of its own.

In summer, sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters beckon swimmers and provide the perfect conditions for sailing and all watersports under the sun. However, a complete contrast awaits in the cool, pine covered mountains of Troodos, with delightful hill resorts and traditional hotels.

As the land mellows in autumn there is a wonderful clarity of air but it still warmed by the brilliant Cyprus sun. The sea temperature is still high after the long hot summer, and for some people autumn is the best season of all. 

The Cyprus winter is short and mild, with average daytime temperatures around 16C.This season brings some much-needed rain to the land, but most of its days are bright and sunny. And there is a short snow season on the mountains from January to March.

In springtime the island takes on an enchanting beauty. The countryside is set ablaze as glorious wild flowers and fragrant blossoms burst into life to delight the eye with their stunning colors. As the days lengthen, the sun gathers strength, Cyprus is a paradise for nature lovers.

From the gentle warmth of early spring to the golden sun-drenched days of high summer, there’s a Cyprus season to suit all types. Cyprus enters an idyllic season for walks, leisurely picnics and the fascinating contemplation of nature, not forgetting, of course, swimming and sunbathing.

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